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This Announcement only for Project under TEPI,  HRO/MPC  “Admin Support Service”  No 4600002882


a.       MAS should be carbonized with the following purpose :

-          White/Original for Unit Rate Invoicing

-          Red for Mission Ticket

-          Yellow for CDO or Overtime

-          Blue for Meal & Accomodation Allowance

-          Green for employee

-          Copy MAS is not allowed

Note: Because we still use a 4 set carbonized of MAS form, please make a copy for employee as a document, we are already in running progress to print the new 6 set carbonized of MAS form

b.      Shift allowances for those personnel during “On Schedule” and working overtime are allowed.

c.       Mission/Training Form

-          Contractors to propose mission and training form (separately, not as implemented right now) on Dec 31, 2012 at the latest. In the future will bw separated by two form (Mission Form and Training Form)

should you have any question to ask, please send an email subject to


cc to